New Mission: Cancer Treatment Center in Afghanistan

Afghans need our help.

The whole of Afghanistan does not have a modern radiation machine to treat many curable cancers. People must attempt to travel abroad, which in the current economic climate is incredibly difficult, if not impossible – or they go without treatment and die. We are working with a company in the United States that is looking for a machine that would be donated to Jumiriat Hospital in Kabul, but the cost of removing the machine and transporting it to Kabul is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

No Access to Chemotherapy Medications.

Afghans also do not have access to chemotherapy medicines. There is no health insurance or centralized health sector in Afghanistan. People must purchase their own meds to bring with them to treatment. This is a death sentence for so many Afghans who could be treated with chemotherapy medicines that are easily accessed in so many other countries. We have partnered with a manufacturer in India who will provide the medicine at cost. We are hoping to be able to support many patients for their recurring treatment with a monthly shipment of these meds to the hospital.

Komak has a track record of helping Afghans.

Komak Foundation has been working with Afghan refugees in the United States since 2021. We started in the garage of its founder, Mirriam Seddiq, and eventually secured a 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse, providing essential goods to thousands of newly arrived refugees. 

Our CEO, Ms. Seddiq, has a track record of raising funds.

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