We help support newly relocated Afghan families.

We Collect.

We collect both donated goods and funds to help Afghan families that are resettling in the U.S. or families that are passing through to other locations around the globe. 

We Connect.

Community is one of the heaviest losses for many of these families. We connect families in need with local resources to help them feel settled in their new environment. 

We Support.

Support is central to our mission. Families need support in whatever way they can take it – whether is with goods, funds or just emotional and social support so they don’t feel alone. 

Essential Goods Program

Our essential goods program operates on two tracks: 

  1. We provide goods to families out of our facility during our operating hours. We are open for several hours each weekday & Saturdays from 9am to 3pm. 
  2. We have volunteers working to put kits together that get delivered or picked up on Wednesday of each week to families at bases in our area (Quantico, Ft. Pickett)

Our essential goods program started with just an Amazon wish list request that was put out to community of people on social media. The response was incredible and turned into the founding program of our organization. 

Interested in volunteering?
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